Sunday, April 29, 2007


Black Berry Shrub and Bee- The bee pollinates the plant and the plant gives the bee nectar.

Pecan Tree and Eastern Chipmunk- The chipmunk eats the pecans and spreads the seeds.

White-Tailed Deer and Pecan Tree- During winter the deer eats the pecans and spreads the seeds across forest.

Coyote and Black Berry Shrub- When there is no prey around, the Coyote is forced to eat berries to survive. While eating these berries, they will somtimes fall and spread across the forest. The seeds sprout into new Black Berry Shrubs.


Ms. Ellis said...

What TYPE of symbiotic relationships are your examples?

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Chountelle Bullock said...

not a good student does not take pride in work vey bad jordan